Constellation Artscreen

M.Y. Aurora Borealis - 67.6m

The ‘Constellation Artscreen’ has a dark blue birdseye maple background with airbrushed shading areas and over six thousand dots in dubai gold metallised resin to represent the Milky Way galaxy. At the centre of the artscreen is a cluster of polished almond gold plated brass inlays which represents the visible star constellations from the northern hemisphere.

The larger surrounding background stars are made up of three hundred and twenty six white mother-of-pearl and six hundred thirty five paua shell dots in varying sizes.

The artscreen frame is made from polished almond gold plated brass and black embossed leather inner border .

Dimensions – 1655mm height x 1915mm width x 100mm depth

Design Courtesy of Winch Design

We want to change people’s preconceptions of what 21st century craftsmanship can be

Mark Boddington, Founder